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Sources for Piezoelectric Materials

  • MEMS Yellow Pages - Links to micropumps and Piezoelectric Actuators
  • Polytec PI - has become a  leader in micropositioning products, specifically in piezoelectric nano-positioning technology, Germany
  • Physik Instrumente PI - A world leader in NanoAutomation, NanoPositioning Products, Piezoelectric Actuators & Ceramics, Precision Motor Controllers, Fiber Alignment Systems, etc., Germany
  • Staveley Instruments - is one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic, eddy current, and bond testing instruments, as well as sensors and industrial X-ray equipment, USA
  • Midé Technology Corporation - is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-quality actuators, sensors, vibration suppression, and motion control components and systems, USA
  • Piezo Systems - Piezoproducts and Custom Product Development, USA
  • AXSYS Technologies, Vernitron Sensor Systems Division - produces precision sensor products, including rotary and linear position sensors, pressure sensors as well as functional sensors that provide for intelligent electronic output, USA
  • TRS Ceramics - is a leader in the development and production of advanced electronic materials, USA
  • PCB Piezotronics - is a well established, high technology company specializing in the development, production and marketing of piezoelectric quartz, tourmaline and ceramic sensors for measuring dynamic pressure, force, shock and vibration, USA
  • Sensor Technologies - offers a comprehensive line of piezoelectric materials currently available, Canada
  • Piezo Technology - Providing a broad line of frequency control products, USA
  • Morgan Matroc - has become a world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of technologically advanced materials, chemicals and components, United Kingdom
  • American Piezoceramic (APC) - is a quality manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramics and assemblies, high density high purity alumina, and a supplier of engineering design services, USA
  • AVX Corporation - A Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Components, incl. Piezo Devices, Canada

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Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)

  • Shape Memory Applications - is an established leader in the NiTi industry, offering a broad spectrum of NiTi products and services, USA
  • TiNi Alloy Company - offers Thin Film Shape Memory Alloy Technology to Fully Activate MEMS Devices, USA
  • SAES Memry Corp - world leading company in manufacturing NITINOL complex structures for medical application.
  • Dynalloy, Inc. - is a manufacturer of shape memory alloys specially made to be used as actuators.
  • CRG - Veriflex® Shape Memory Polymer - is the leading company in manufacturing shape memory polymer resin “Veriflex” which functions on thermal activation customizable from –30 °C to 260 °C (–20 °F to 500 °F).


  • Smart Materials and Structures - Journal - Dedicated to technical advances in smart materials and structures, this journal covers both basic and applied research in physics, engineering and materials science and also applications in the aerospace, automotive, civil, electrical and optical engineering industries.
  • Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures - The first international journal devoted to the growing technology of smart materials and structures. A major forum for new research and developments in materials, sensors, actuators, controls, structures, optics and electromagnetics for smart materials. Click here for publisher as the direct link may expire.
  • Journal of Sound & Vibration - As an established international journal, the Journal of Sound and Vibration is devoted to the prompt publication of original papers on experimental and theoretical work concerning all aspects of sound and vibration. Articles of current interest that transcend the usual specialization boundaries are particularly encouraged as well as introduction to, or reviews of, new fields of research.
  • Sound & Vibration Magazine - Sound and Vibration is a practical engineering magazine circulated to individually qualified personnel who are concerned with noise and vibration control, automotive NVH, dynamic measurements, modal analysis, machinery reliability, acoustical engineering and dynamic testing. Qualified individuals perform: design engineering, testing and evaluation, management, research and development, consulting and engineering services, equipment reliability/PM/PdM, occupational safety and health and other functions related to the fields served.
  • Journal of Shock and Vibration
  • Journal of Vibration and Control- provides a forum for original research on vibration phenomena occurring in the mechanical, structural, aeronautical, electrical, materials, chemical, control, ocean, and environmental fields. Articles address analytical, computational, and experimental analyses of such topics as determinate and random vibrations, fluid, solid and dynamic control, structural control, vibration control in machinery, and adaptive and smart structures.

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